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Morlais - Update

Documents related to SCC/Canoe Wales engagement with Morlais

We have agreed to meet Morlais on the 21st Sept to "to discuss Morlais’ current position, timelines and any outstanding concerns you both may have that we can seek to address"

NRW - Marine license

Second public consultation on the "further information" provided by Morlais closes on 9th Sept. Here is a preliminary overview of the new material and how it relates to objections raised by sea kayak community.

TWA Order - public inquiry

Morlais have confirmed that they have now added all the required material to complete their submission to the Planning Inspectorate. The next stage is the preparation of the Statement of Case in advance of the public inquiry expected to be around November. On behalf of the sea kayak community SCC have registered an interest in the sessions on Socio-economic matters and Marine matters (including navigation). We need help to pull together evidence to back our case - please complete the online questionnaire!!!

PS - you can leave the number of SCC members blank and indicate you live locally for the questions about overnights on Anglesey.

Note on SCC objections

We wish to re-iterate that SCC is not opposed to the development of tidal power around Anglesey. Our aim is to esure that the impacts of the Morlais proposal on sea kayaking are properly included in the planning and consenting process. This is not yet the case.

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